The opposition asks the Board to schedule a payment of the debt it has with the municipalities for employment plans

The opposition asks the Board to schedule a payment of the debt it has with the municipalities for employment plans

The opposition groups of the Andalusian Parliament on Wednesday demanded the Junta de Andalucía to establish a payment schedule to settle the debt it has with the Andalusian municipalities on account of employment plans, and to give "certainty" to their situation financial

The opposition groups of the Andalusian Parliament on Wednesday demanded the Junta de Andalucía to establish a payment schedule to settle the debt it has with the Andalusian municipalities on account of employment plans, and to give "certainty" to their situation financial

For his part, the counselor of the Presidency and Local Administration, Manuel Jiménez Barrios, during his appearance before the Plenary, has pointed out the contraction of the labor market caused by the crisis demanded an "urgent and decisive response" from the Andalusian Government, which put in March initiatives to promote the creation of employment and meet the basic needs of people in emergency situations, for what he considered "appropriate and priority" to opt for municipalities.

The vice president has indicated the "favorable contribution" in the creation of employment that has had the execution of said programs and the "enormous budgetary effort" made by the Andalusian Executive, at the time that has emphasized that, according to the EPA of the last quarter, "Andalusia strip of the car "with the creation of 124,700 jobs.

Among these employment programs, Jiménez Barrios has highlighted the Emple @ JOVEN Program and the Initiative @ mprende +, some initiatives, sponsored by the European Union, which mobilize a public investment of 200 million euros, and of which, to date, Almost half of the Andalusian town councils that have accepted the plan "have already received the total payment", as well as that these resources have generated more than 41,600 contracts.

He explained that of the 770 files corresponding to municipalities that requested to participate in this initiative, 765 have already also paid 50 percent, while the Board "can not process the payment of the second advance to those municipalities that have pending justifications from other lines of aid ".

On the Emple @ 30 +, with an endowment of 106 million euros, has detailed that the Initiative Social and Community Cooperation 30+ has had a budget of 80 million euros for 2014 and 2015, whose payment also made in two payments . The first, an advance of 50% of the total aid granted, and a second payment for the remaining 50%, once the first advance is justified, "which also implies that the Board can not proceed to make such payment to those councils that present pending justifications ".

The vice president explained that this initiative has allowed the creation of 22,530 contracts in the 763 Andalusian town halls that have taken refuge in it. Of these, 755 have received full payment of the first payment corresponding to the 50% advance, which amounts to 33.6 million euros, and that only 25 municipalities have not collected any part of the advance, "mainly due to Incidents related to the presentation of pending justifications in other help lines by the corresponding consistories, "he clarified. With respect to the second payment for the amount of the remaining 50%, it has indicated that it will be made once each file presented in its entirety has been reviewed.

On the other hand, he stressed that the Board is the one that advances funds for the payment of these initiatives co-financed by the European Social Fund, which only when the expenditure is certified to the European Commission and the Commission admits it, is when these funds return to the autonomous community.

Of the same, it has pointed out that the Board advanced to July the payment of the third installment of the payment of the Patrica to "facilitate the payment to the local entities of programs like these employment plans with which it is about alleviating, insofar as possible, the difficulties that Andalusian corporations are going through ".

Another of the plans to promote job creation highlighted by the vice president has been the decree-law of urgent measures to promote employment, stability in employment, the return of talent and the promotion of self-employment, the Plan of Inclusion through Employment; to the Extraordinary Plan of Solidarity of Andalusia, and the Extraordinary Plan of Solidarity and Food Guarantee.

The groups

On the part of the PP-A, Ana María Mestre has criticized the "small print" of the Board in these employment plans, which have caused the "financial imbalance in local administrations", while criticizing that the Board "has used to the city councils to be able to develop these plans, when they have valued the political yield more than their effectiveness ". "The town councils did not know what the plans were for," he lamented, adding that the Junta "has not made enough transfers to finance the expenses generated by these new jobs for the municipalities."

He warned that many municipalities have rebelled in this situation, "also the PSOE table stretcher," because "all defend the interests of its citizens," to criticize that the regional government "bad pay, does not execute the plans and delays , when the workers charge their payroll monthly ". He has demanded that the Board give "certainty" to the municipalities, which "can not follow the sway of what the Board desires in this matter" before claiming a bill "according to what the mayors demand" , while the PP-A will defend positive proposals for the municipalism.

Jesus Rodriguez, on the part of Podemos, has affirmed that the citizens trust in the city councils, "in spite of the corruption", for being much more accessible institutions, at the time that has attributed the situation that the consistories go through to the labor reform of the PP and the permanent "financial crisis" they endure due to lack of income. He has pointed to the "shared responsibility" of the PP and the PSOE on this situation by the reform of article 135 of the Constitution, as well as has censured that there is no timetable to liquidate the debt and give certainty to the municipalities.

The deputy of Citizens (C's) María Isabel Albás has defended that the aid to the people that cross a complicated situation and in risk of exclusion "are necessary", but has asked the Board to start up "stable plans and programs", when he has demanded to recognize that the problem of unemployment "is not temporary, but structural". "The employment and social assistance policies are compatible, but the current system does not work," he has criticized before calling on the Board to establish a specific date to pay the debt owed to the municipalities and propose that a territorial pact be made on competitiveness, productivity and employment.

On the part of IULV-CA, the parliamentary spokesman Antonio Maíllo has warned of the "drama" that the municipalities go through to face one hundred percent of the programs when the Board advances them 50 percent, at the time that has asked for "loyalty institutional "with local agencies. He has asked the Board to listen to the municipalities when implementing employment plans, and a payment schedule to avoid the "dislate" of Treasury problems that is causing this situation in the municipalities, to defend that these plans should not be to alleviate situations that return to the origin once the contracts finish and that the municipalities need "certainty" in the payments.

In turn, the deputy of the PSOE-A Angeles Ferriz stressed that the Board has launched these plans alone for not having had the "backing" of the central government, which has not launched an extraordinary employment plan in Andalusia and yes in other communities, as criticized. "These measures reach all municipalities equally," he explained to continue defending that these plans have given "oxygen" to the unemployed Andalusians.

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