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Discover non-payroll loans for the unemployed

Discover non-payroll loans for the unemployed


The economic crisis we have experienced has generated many problems for our society and one of the main ones has been a large amount of unemployment. Many people lost their jobs during the recession and getting financing without a job became very difficult. In fact, the vast majority of banks rejected many people who came to them to hire loans without a salary while unemployed.

Banking entities have always considered that people who are not employed workers are an applicant profile with too much risk. However, when the banks closed the tap on the concession, many private lenders took advantage of the context to enter our financial market by offering to finance without payroll. These private equity companies offer a fast, comfortable product and, above all, with much more flexible requirements than those required by conventional banks.

Thanks to the credits without being salaried, there are many profiles of society that benefit from this type of financing, such as the unemployed. However, these private lenders that provide financing without payroll will require us to have a recurring and demonstrable income with which we can deal with the credits without being salaried.

Who can contract credits without being salaried?

Who can contract credits without being salaried?


The reality is that private lenders have come up with an ideal product for people who are unemployed, as long as they get some kind of recurring and demonstrable income. The emergencies and unforeseen events (traffic fines, bank overdrafts, extra expenses that we did not have, overly high bills …) can reach and happen to any person and for such cases, the loans without payroll are an aid to the that we can resort to if we are unemployed.

However, the profiles that can access these loans without payroll go beyond the unemployed people. For example, if we are self-employed, if we receive a pension for retirement, an unemployment benefit, or if we obtain income through the lease of a property, among others, we can also access loans without payroll. Given a large number of private lenders that have emerged in our country in recent years, some banks are already joining loans without being salaried.

Do I need a guarantee to get loans without payroll?

Do I need a guarantee to get loans without payroll?


At present, lenders that grant loans without payroll are usually private equity companies that offer the possibility of obtaining quick credits of amounts lower than conventional bank loans. As we have read before, these lenders are much more flexible in their requirements than conventional banks and sell a product that is much more accessible than most conventional bank loans.

The entities that grant this type of financing will be worth to present a document that justifies we have recurring income and with which we will be able to deal with the non-payroll loans that we hire. The flexibility is also seen in the fact that we do not have to present any type of guarantee as a guarantee of payment to get loans without payroll.

Can I also contract loans without payroll and with ASNEF?

The fact of being registered in a file of defaulters can generate many problems of a financial nature. If we need financing and we have outstanding debts, the options we have are much smaller than those of a person with a clean credit history.

If we want to contract a traditional bank loan, we will have it impossible since these entities reject any person with defaults. Without going any further, we will really have a hard time getting a credit card. Private capital companies, in general, are also not in favor of granting payroll financing to people who are on a list such as ASNEF or RAI. However, there are several private lenders that will allow us to contract loans without payroll and outstanding debts, as long as we comply with the conditions they demand.

In the first place, we will have to show that we have a recurring source of income with which we will face the repayment of the credits without payroll we hire. On the other hand, being in ASNEF we will have to comply with two additional requirements to obtain financing without being salaried:

  • The non-payment cannot exceed a specific economic amount stipulated by each lender, which, in general, is usually € 1,000.
  • The debt we have pending cannot be related to any other financial entity.

We should also know that the fact of having debts payable does not imply, in most cases, that the amount and the price of the loans without payroll vary.